ERSO’s fab five – meet Alexander!

We caught up with Alexander Papp, one of our “fab five” composers who are finalists in the ERSO emerging composers’ competition: “A Fanfare for Ernest Read”.
We’re so excited to work on his excellent fanfare in our workshop final on March 15th.
alex pic
Alexander Papp

19 year-old composer  Alexander  Papp  holds  a  scholarship  at  the  Royal  Academy   of  Music  studying  composition  with  Gary  Carpenter.   Alex  previously  studied  at  the  Purcell  School,  is  a  Composer  alumni  of  the  National   Youth  Orchestra  and  in  2016/17  was  an  Associate  Composer  with  the  Britten   Sinfonia  Academy.     In  2016  he  was  a  prizewinner  in  the  RPS  Duet  Young  Composer  Prize  and  in  2017  he   won  the  RSNO  ‘Notes  from  Scotland’  Young  Composer  Prize.

Alex told us about his inspiration:
“It  was  only  four  years  ago  that  I  became  convinced  I  wanted  to  become  a  composer   and  I  am  fortunate  enough  to  be  able  to  pin  point  the  exact  moment  I  knew  this.  I   was  at  Junior  Guildhall  playing  the  second  violin  in  Dvorak’s  7th  Symphony  and  the   second  movement  made  me  feel  a  way  I  had  never  felt  before.  I  became  in  love  with   the  music,  obsessed  to  the  point  that  I  can  literally  tell  a  story  about  what  I  think  the   music  is  saying.  The  fact  that  a  composer  made  me  feel  this  way  inspires  me  to  do   the  same,  and  I  aim  to  create  a  form  of  storytelling  is  within  my  music.”

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