ERSO’s Fab Five -meet Andreas

We caught up with Andreas Swerdlow, one of our “fab five” composers who are finalists in the ERSO emerging composers’ competition: “A Fanfare for Ernest Read”.
We’re so excited to work on his excellent fanfare in our workshop final on March 15th.  It’s great to be the first orchestra to play one of Amdreas’s pieces!
andreas pic
Andreas Swerdlow

“My musical journey started like many others, grinding bow hairs against the strings of an unfortunate violin. It was through this instrument, and being a part of various orchestras and ensembles, that I developed a love for music and the ambition to create my own.

At this moment, I am studying for a degree in mathematics, and composition is my primary excuse for missing lectures. I wish to continue balancing these competing interests in the future, by developing as a composer and having my music performed more frequently. The workshop on the 15th of March will be the first time that an orchestra has played one of my pieces, and I hope it is not the last.”

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