Our June 20th concert will take place as part of the Waterloo Festival, with limits on audience capacity and social distancing rules in place and no interval to avoid mingling of household groups.  We will also host a short Open Event on June 13th which will be a free event open to the local community. Chris will talk about Beethoven 8 and what makes it so special, using well chosen musical examples. Follow this link for the June concert rehearsal schedule

We’re excited to share next season’s plans:

For the meantime, the school are not able to accommodate any bookings from groups on Sundays and so we have been offered Saturday afternoon rehearsals instead.   We plan to get back to Sunday rehearsals as soon as the school allow this to happen.

We will be following the same risk management processes as we did before Xmas: Risk management at ERSOThese processes are for the protection of all of our members and their families and should help to minimise risks – it is essential that all players read and follow these procedures.

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