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Dan Elson (oboes)

Caroline Ardron (flutes)

Laura Lucy (clarinets)

Fiona Cairney (bassoons)

Jeremy Garside (horns)

Vacant (Brass section leader)

Chloe Meade – Deputy Leader (1st violins) –

Lucy Haggerwood-Bullen  – Principal 2nd Violin (2nd violins and violas) –

Jenny Sturt – Principal Cello (cellos) –

Matt Berry (double bass)


Matthew Saunders (viola)

Fiona Cairney (bassoon)

Pui Wah Poon (double bass)


Fiona Cairney – Chair  (bassoon)

Colin Foan – Treasurer (violin)

Matthew Saunders – Company Secretary (viola)

Kate Munn – Concert Manager (2nd violin)

Matt Raven – Membership Secretary (Cello)

Emily Dydymska – Secretary (violin)

Matt Berry (double bass)

Pui Wah Poon (double bass)

Chloe Meade – Deputy Leader

Lucy Haggerwood-Bullen  – Principal 2nd Violin

Jenny Sturt – Principal Cello

John Crawford  – Leader

Chris Stark – Principal Conductor