We are recruiting for a Principal 2nd Violin.

As an ideal candidate, you will be an enthusiastic, excellent musician (ideally of equivalent experience to first-study string students from London conservatoires) with experience of leading a string section.  You’ll have good organisational and interpersonal skills. Experience of fixing and organising would be advantageous.

The role will give you valuable experience of leading and managing our excellent and loyal 2nd violin section who are all keen to work and play at a high level.   You would work closely with our professional leader, John Crawford, the other string section leaders and our amazing conductor Chris Stark (best known as Co-Founder of the Multi-Story Orchestra). 

You would also be part of the group planning ERSO’s future and our exciting projects (our high quality education work with children and our ERSO Talent programme which provides developmental opportunities for emerging professional musicians.  You would also have the opportunity to enter our annual concerto competition.

This is a paid, self-employed role lasting for a 2-year period commencing January 2023.  Fees will be £37.50 per 3-hour rehearsal and £85 for the concert day, equivalent to around £1400 over a 12-month season.

For application process go to Paid Section Leader Opportunities

 Responsibilities include:

  • Leading and managing the section effectively, including setting desking & working with the leader to decide on bowing.
  • Fixing the number of players requested by the leader for each concert and recruiting new players on an ongoing basis.
  • Regular communication with the section, ensuring everyone, particularly new members, feel welcome and valued.
  • Chasing up any absentees from rehearsals and fixing replacement players if necessary.
  • Attending all rehearsals or, on limited occasions, providing an appropriate deputy.
  • Attending and playing a part in committee meetings held on rehearsal days, helping to manage the running of the orchestra, plan future seasons and deliver our education projects with children.
  • Supporting the leader in running string sectionals.

Skills and experience required:

  • Enthusiastic, excellent musician
  • Experience of having been a section leader would be highly advantageous
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Ability to work well with others and build a strong team feeling within the section
  • Highly organised with good attention to detail
  • Fixing, administration and project management experience would be highly advantageous
  • Highly punctual and reliable
  • Good communication skills