This is a paid role which would give you the chance to be a key member of a really good orchestra, build an amazing brass section, influence programme choices for our concerts and help to shape plans for ERSO’s future, working as part of our dynamic team of young section leaders.

As an amateur orchestra we have limited funding to apply to the considerable annual costs of running the orchestra and so the majority of the players are not paid unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Building and maintaining a strong and cohesive brass section (trumpets, trombones and tuba) who are consistently present at both the required rehearsals and concerts is the main focus for the role. 

This is a paid, self-employed role lasting for a 2-year period.

As an ideal candidate, you will be an enthusiastic, excellent Trumpet or Trombone players of equivalent experience to students from London conservatoires.  You’ll have good organisational, leadership and interpersonal skills. Experience of fixing and organising would be advantageous.

You would be part of the group planning ERSO’s future and our exciting projects (our high quality education work with children and our ERSO Talent programme which provides developmental opportunities for emerging professional musicians.  You would also have the opportunity to enter our annual concerto competition.

This is a paid, self-employed role lasting for a 2-year period commencing January 2023.  Fees will be £35 per 3-hour rehearsal and £60 for the concert day, equivalent to over £1,100 over a 12-month season.

For application process go to Paid Section Leader Opportunities


  1. Building a strong brass section:
    • Building the brass team up to encourage regular attendance and consistency of players during each project and throughout the season.
    • Increasing recruitment of excellent players through contacts in the brass playing community and promoting the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra as a great orchestra for brass players.
  2. Managing the brass section effectively:
    • Fixing the section – ensuring that the correct number of players of the appropriate standard are booked for each rehearsal and for the concert. Ensuring that deps are booked for players who cannot attend.  Following up with players who are unexpectedly absent.
    • Flagging any issues regarding fixing to the Committee in a timely manner and proposing actions to resolve these issues
  3. Representing the brass section’s perspective in Committee meetings when we plan future concerts and projects, advising the committee and conductor on ways to make programmes and rehearsal schedules more appealing to brass players.
  4. Taking part in the development of ERSO, attending and playing a part in the committee meetings which are held on rehearsal days. The Brass Section Leader and the string section leaders play a key part in the Committee meetings by contributing their ideas and experience.
  5. Attending all rehearsals or, on limited occasions only and with prior agreement from the Committee, providing an appropriate deputy