Principal Cello Opportunity

We are recruiting for a Principal Cello! Applications open now!

ERSO is one of London’s leading and longest established amateur orchestras, working a very high musical standard under our amazing conductor Chris Stark (best known as Co-Founder of the Multi-Story Orchestra). 

ERSO’s cello section in our recent 90th Birthday concert at the Duke’s Hall at the Royal Academy of Music

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, excellent musician to lead our cello section – a strong group who are all keen to work and play at a very high level.   The role would give you valuable musical and organisational experience, working as part of the team planning ERSO’s future and our exciting education projects.  You would have the chance to play some of the major orchestral solo/excerpt repertoire and have the opportunity to enter our annual concerto competition.

This is a paid, self-employed role lasting for a 2-year period commencing September 2022.  Fees will be £35 per 3-hour rehearsal and £80 for the concert day, equivalent to around £1200 over a 12-month season.

Our current Principal Cello leaves in the summer, so we are keen to make an appointment very soon and would welcome applications as soon as possible and definitely by May 13th at the latest.

To find out more about how to apply go to: Paid Section Leader Opportunities

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