A tale of two competitions – part 1

So we might have missed out on 2 of our 2020 concerts due to Covid. But we did manage to hold 2 really special competitions. Our emerging composers competition was the very last thing we did before lockdown no.1! We had a full orchestra and massive percussion section and spent the afternoon workshopping our fab five finalist’s pieces. Getting a chance to talk to them about their work and how they saw their pieces was a a great experience and the young composers had the chance to learn from each other and acclaimed composer Emma-Ruth Richards. A magical afternoon!

From Left to Right: Finalists Alex Papp, Sarah Cattley, Caitlin Harrison, Andreas Swerdlow and Jared Destro with mentor Emma-Ruth Richards and conductor Chris Stark

We selected 19-year old Alex Papp as our winner and, because the standard of the fanfares was so high, we also selected Jared Destro as a runner-up and both of their fanfares will feature in ERSO’s 90th birthday concert. Alex has also been commissioned to create a new piece for soloist and orchestra in partnership with tuba player Grady Hassan, the winner of the 2020 ERSO Soloist of the Year. This new solo piece will also be performed in our Birthday Gala concert.

We are very grateful to the RVW Trust for their generous support for this competition.

RVWT PNG BLACK logo - SEP 2019.png

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