• These processes are being put in place to for the protection of all of our members and their families and should help to minimise risks – it is essential that all players read this document and follow these procedures.
  • It is essential that all players read this document and all of the other protocols which can be found on Risk management at ERSO which include protocols for players and the actions to carried out by the orchestra committee
  • These protocols include the points from the concert venue’s risk assessment including roles and responsibilities for venue staff and ERSO


  • Publicity needs to highlight key risk management points:
    • Tickets will ONLY available online
    • Social distancing must be observed with anyone outside your household
    • Face coverings must be worn by audience at all times

Tickets sales & track and trace

  • We will only sell tickets online via We Got Tickets (WGT) based on venue capacity.
  • WGT can supply email addresses if necessary for Track & Trace.
  • We will tick off which audience members actually come and add to the list of players for track and trace purposes.

Prior to concert day

  • Committee to consider if the concert going ahead is safe
  • Players to decide if they are fit to attend and complete the pre rehearsal questionnaire for Track and Trace purposes

St Andrews Church specific points

  • The church has told us that we can sell 40 tickets with the current layout of the orchestra – poss 10 more but being conservative until we know how many groups we have.
  • We will set up the orchestra based on our usual rehearsal spacing allowing more room for oboes, trumpets and flutes,
  • At the end of the rehearsal we will set up in the concert seating plan
  • Extra cleaning routines will be in operation.
  • A separate entrance and exit for the building will be in operation.
  • Sanitiser stations will be available on entry to the church.
  • There will be space for players to leave cases etc – there is one room upstairs in the Church and there are three rooms in the building that adjoins onto the Church. The church would like to keep the movement between these rooms/areas to a minimum.
  • We will have specific toilets for players and for audience to keep them separate. There are male (3 urinals, 1 cubicle) and female (3 cubicles) toilet inside the Church for the audience. The orchestra can use the toilets in the Courthouse and office area.
  • The church staff will have all the chairs ready. ERSO responsible for orchestra set up. Church will roughly set up for the audience but the final tweaking will be up to ERSO.
  • ERSO needs to provide 3 – 4 ushers who are not involved in the concert. They will be responsible for:
    • a. Thermal scanning on arrival to check temperatures – church will provide the thermometer.
    • b. Ticking off audience on a list.
    • c. Supervising toilets to allow only one person into the toilets at once
    • d. helping evacuate in the event of a fire.

Setting up the space

  • Maximum capacity for each area of the venue will be set by the venue. 
  • Church staff will advise us on how best to ventilate the space (keeping certain doors open).  It is therefore likely to be chillier than usual and players are advised to dress accordingly.
  • Volunteers to arrive early (60 mins early) to set up the chairs.  Use gloves to set up the chairs at correct distance as per the plan.  No other players apart from Percussion to come in until room is set up.
  • We will set up the orchestra based on our concert seating plan which observes social distancing
  • Committee to allocate which volunteer will set out chairs for each area.
  • Volunteers will put a number on each string chair so that players can find their seat quickly.
  • We need to make sure that front of orchestra is right distance from front row of audience
  • There will be a “performers only” space for players to leave cases etc
  • We need to consider:
    • Ideally performers will have their own entry and exit points to the performers’ area
    • If the performers have to enter and exit through the public area, they should do this before the audience arrives and after they have left.
  • Players to bring own music.  We will bring printouts just in case people forget
  • If we can, we will open some of the doors to reduce hand contact.


  • Players should plan their travel so that they do NOT arrive prior to 2.15pm to allow the Church to be set up
  • Players should take all necessary precautions in travelling to the venue
  • Each player must bring their own stand and pencil – sharing will not be possible.
  • Players to arrive dressed in concert dress and bring their own refreshments
  • Players to enter using front entrance
  • Players to queue outside the entrance at a 2m distance to avoid too many people at one time in the entrance
  • A registration table will be set up at the entrance
  • Upon entry, go to the registration table manned by a volunteer and use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • We will use the pre-rehearsal questionnaires to record attendance for track and trace purposes (name, address, phone number, time of arrival and departure) for 21 days. Data will be given by players upon arrival at the venue, either by emailing their completed safety questionnaire to or by bringing the completed form and dropping it into a box at the registration table
  • Players can socialise safely at a distance of 2 meters outside before the rehearsal, but when they are ready to rehearse, they should go straight to their chair once they leave the registration table
  • Instrument cases should be left in the performers only area.
  • All players to wear masks until we start playing (strings can carry on wearing them when playing if they wish).


  • Players to bring own drinks and biscuits, no shared refreshments will be provided for the break. 
  • Committee will remind everyone to socially distance at the break time, ideally outside if weather permits so that we can ventilate the room.  If this is not possible, players should stay at their chair
  • Players to wear masks at break apart from when eating and drinking
  • Set number of people allowed in toilets at any one time (this will be informed by rules set by venue). 


  • We will have shorter concert programmes to avoid the need for an interval at the concerts to minimise social interactions between players and audience members.
  • The church staff will be responsible for all matters of health and safety on the night and during the rehearsal but not for ticketing and ushering.
  • Performers only go backstage and onstage (no mingling with the audience)
  • On arrival audience to check in at registration desk – they will need to give their name so we can tick them off the list from We Got Tickets as we need to know who actually attends.
  • ERSO usher to take temperatures on arrival and only allow people in whose temperature does not exceed the limit as set by the venue
  • ERSO is responsible for making sure audience observe social distancing using our ushers. 
  • No paper programmes – put programme notes online instead
  • Chris to remind audience of safety protocols

End of concert

  • Wind and brass instruments – as per the main protocols…
  • Players should observe socials distancing and stay 2m apart from other players as they leave, taking their own music and rubbish with them. 
  • Audience leave first
  • Players to use specified exit
  • After players have left, volunteers to put away chairs
  • Volunteers to ensure no rubbish left lying around

If someone is ill

  • In the unlikely event anyone feels unwell, please speak to one of the trained members of the church staff immediately.