The committee have created these protocols to make our rehearsals as safe as possible

These processes are being put in place to for the protection of all of our members in rehearsal and should help to minimise risks.

It is essential that all players read this document and all of the other protocols which can be found on Risk management at ERSO which include specific actions to be taken by players at rehearsal and concerts.


  • We will use the Hall (the largest space available) at Camden School for Girls and have adjusted our programme so we need fewer players for our first 2 concerts to allow for greater distancing.
  • We will only sell online tickets for the Oct and Nov concerts and therefore limit the number of tickets to the exact number that can be accommodated at the venue
  • We will have shorter concert programmes to avoid the need for an interval at the concerts to minimise social interactions between players and audience members.
  • Music will be downloaded by players so that each person has their own copy.
  • Volunteers to be provided with gloves and hand sanitiser


  • We will publish our risk assessment and protocols on our website, the ERSO Members page and will send to the players so that they are aware of the process. 
  • We will highlight any changes to members as these arise

Committee to consider if rehearsal is safe

  • Review current incidence of Covid-19 in London and latest information from Government. Public Health England publish daily data (and longer-term comparisons) on cases, testing and deaths for UK, nations, regions, local authorities by size.
    Has a local lockdown been announced?
  • If it is deemed unsafe, committee to communicate to all players.

Before rehearsal

  • Players need to assess whether they are fit to attend the rehearsal.
    To comply with guidance and to support NHS Track and Trace players need to fill out a declaration of fitness before every rehearsal. Fixers will send out the ERSO Questionnaire for Covid-secure rehearsal to all players who are booked (see below).  If people answer yes to any of the safety q they should not attend.  We will keep the contact details from the questionnaires from players who do attend in case these are needed by Track and Trace.
  • Players should also consider whether they, or any members of their household, are in a high-risk group and consider whether it would be safe for them to attend the rehearsal.
  • The ERSO Committee have created a seating plan based on the dimensions of the Hall which ensures that everyone is appropriately distanced.  String fixers will send out desking plan including seat that players know where to sit


Purple = Chris, Red = 1sts, Dark red = 2nds, Orange= violas, Yellow = Cellos, Dark Blue = basses, Light blue = trumpets, Light Green= horns, Dark Green = wind

Setting up the space

  • Volunteers to arrive early (30 – 60 mins early) to set up the chairs.  Use gloves to wipe and set up the chairs at correct distance as per the plan (above).  No other players to come in until room is set up.
  • Committee to allocate which volunteer will set out chairs for each area.
  • Volunteers will put a number on each string chair so that players can find their seat quickly.
  • Windows will be opened to ensure good ventilation of the space.  It is therefore likely to be chillier than usual and players are advised to dress accordingly.
  • One player per stand. 
  • Players to bring own music (we will provide links to the parts for players to print and will send copies to anyone who has not got access to a printer).  We will bring printouts just in case people forget
  • We will open some of the doors to reduce hand contact e.g. the door between the hall and the entrance foyer, the door between the hall and the corridor to the toilets.
  • We will use the canteen area as a separate walkway to the toilets to avoid players needing to walk through other sections. .


  • Players should plan their travel so that they do NOT arrive prior to 1.45pm to allow the Hall to be set up
  • Players should take all necessary precautions in travelling to the venue
  • Each player must bring their own stand and pencil – sharing will not be possible.
  • Players to enter using front entrance
  • Players to queue outside the entrance at a 2m distance to avoid too many people at one time in the foyer
  • A registration table will be set up in the foyer
  • Upon entry, go to the registration table manned by a volunteer and use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • We will use the pre-rehearsal questionnaires to record attendance for track and trace purposes (name, address, phone number, time of arrival and departure) for 21 days. Data will be given by players upon arrival at rehearsal, either by emailing their completed safety questionnaire to on rehearsal day  – prior to or on arrival  – or by bringing the completed form and dropping it into a box at the registration table
  • Players can socialise safely at a distance of 2 meters outside before the rehearsal, but when they are ready to rehearse, they should go straight to their chair once they leave the registration table
  • Instrument cases should be left behind or next to players’  chairs to avoid people mixing when unpacking and packing up.
  • People to wear masks until we start playing (strings should carry on wearing them when playing if they can manage this).
  • Chris will use a mic and amp to amplify his voice safely throughout the Hall.


  • Players to bring own drinks and biscuits, no shared refreshments will be provided for the break. 
  • Committee will remind everyone to socially distance at the break time, ideally outside if weather permits so that we can ventilate the room.  If this is not possible, players should stay at their chair
  • Players to wear masks at break apart from when eating and drinking
  • Avoid having too many people in the toilets at any one time – use every 2nd cubicle. 

End of rehearsal

  • Ideally wind and brass should clean instruments out at home and not in the rehearsal venue. If it is essential to clean out your instrument prior to leaving, please take it to a separate space away from people and clean out over your case.
  • Any saliva which does need to be emptied out during rehearsal should not be emptied on to the floor but caught in a container, mopped up with absorbent paper and then disposed of safely in a plastic bag. We will have foil containers, paper towels and sealable plastic bags on stand-by for those who forget.
  • Players should observe socials distancing and stay 2m apart from other players as they leave, taking their own music and rubbish with them.
  • Players to use specified exit
  • Volunteers to ensure no rubbish left lying around

If something goes wrong

  • If a player is taken ill with potential Covid-19 symptoms during the rehearsal
    • We will send person home immediately. 
    • If we need to call transport for them, we will seat them on non-upholstered chair, wearing face covering and disposable gloves, by open window or door until transport arrives.
    • Ask the person with symptoms to take a test asap and communicate the result to ERSO
    • Terminate rehearsal immediately and send everyone home. 
    • Ask players to take medical advice on taking a test
    • Tell venue.

  •  If a player falls ill between rehearsals, having been present at the previous one:
    • Ask the sick player to take a test asap and communicate the result to ERSO
    • If the sick person tests positive, provide the sick player with all of the contact details of people present at the rehearsal for Track and Trace
    • Tell the venue if they test positive
    • If they test positive tell the players who were present to take medical advice on when to take a test
    • Consider postponing next rehearsal