In September 2016, ERSO initiated a scheme for Paid String Section Leaders with the aim of supporting emerging orchestral players.  These developmental roles provide aspiring professional musicians with valuable experience of leading, coaching and managing their sections to improve the ensemble’s sound and technique. The roles also include being a member of ERSO’s Committee, helping to manage the running of the orchestra, planning future seasons and helping to plan and deliver our ERSO Talent Programme and education projects with children.

Benefits to the Section Leaders include:

  • Mentoring from our professional leader, John Crawford, and our professional conductors
  • Experience of managing and leading a section in an orchestra playing to a high standard
  • Experience of helping to run an orchestra including education projects
  • Financial remuneration to help to support the young musicians

The Paid String Section Leader positions proved to be extremely successful and in November 2017 we widened the scheme to include a Brass Section Leader position.

The first original team of string section leaders, Tom Rowan-YoungJaga Klimaszewska and Barbara Mohorko were appointed for a 2-year period and recently ended their time with ERSO. Their contribution to ERSO has been massive – not only in terms of building and coaching our wonderful string sections – but also in terms of their energy, enthusiasm and ideas which they have contributed so freely.

The new line up can be found on our People page.