jan posh
Jan Zahourek

ERSO are delighted to have Jan Zahourek as our Double Bass Mentor.  Jan works with our current principal bass player and the bass section for three of our main concerts (October, February and May concerts).   He is an experienced professional bass player and moved to London in October 2005 from Padova (Padua)  Italy.  Jan’s work here includes playing the double bass, the violone and the viola da gamba. He plays with groups such as The Philharmonia, BBC Symphony, RPO, the  Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. He also teaches privately and teaches amateur adults at the New London Music Society summer courses .

Mark Lipski

When Jan’s professional commitments mean he is unable to play with ERSO, our basses are fortunate to be mentored by Mark Lipski.   Mark has extensive experience of freelance playing, in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, as well as teaching and educational side-by-side playing with various different youth and amateur orchestras.