ERSO are investing in building our string sections, both in terms of the number of players and the standard of the sections and will appoint a deputy leader, principal 2nd violin and a principal cellist.  As we have a long term member already in position as the principal bass, we also wish to appoint a professional double bass player to develop our internal talent by mentoring the bass section for three of the five annual concerts in the 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons

This person will have an educational remit and will coach the bass section including a master class sectional session for each concert.

The role will give valuable experience of mentoring and coaching a section or a chance to consolidate existing skills.  The holder will work closely with our professional leader, John Crawford, and conductors and gain experience of working with our committee to help to run an orchestra.

This is a paid, self-employed role lasting from January 2016 – May 2017 and fees will be in line with Musician’s Union rates, which would amount to approximately £2,000 over a 12-month period.

The time commitment would be three concerts per year (each with an average of four rehearsals), with all rehearsals and concerts taking place on Sundays.

The goal for the double bass mentor is to increase recruitment to the section; to build a stronger and more cohesive section with excellent playing standards and to mentor the whole section to develop their skills including helping the current leader to further develop their section leading skills.


  • To coach the bass section to build a stronger and more cohesive section with excellent playing standards
  • To hold at least one master class bass sectional session per concert on the hardest parts of the concert’s repertoire
  • To mentor the current section leader to further develop existing section leading skills
  • To develop and implement plans to increase recruitment of suitable players to the section
  • To work with the current section leader to fix the section
    • Fixing the section including ensuring that the correct number of players of the appropriate standard are booked for each rehearsal and for the concert. The required number of players for each section will be determined by the Leader in conjunction with the Committee
    • Flagging any issues regarding fixing to the Committee in a timely manner and proposing actions to resolve these issues
    • To work with the current section leader to determine bowing for the section and ensuring all copies of all parts required for the rehearsals and concert are bowed.
  • Attending all rehearsals or, on limited occasions only and with prior agreement from the Committee, to provide an appropriate deputy
  • To take part in the development of ERSO, attending and playing a part in the committee meetings which are held on rehearsal days.

Skills and experience required:

  • Enthusiastic, excellent professional musician
  • Teaching or mentoring experience required
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Ability to work well with others and build a positive, strong, supportive team environment
  • Highly organised with good attention to detail
  • Able to spot potential issues and propose solutions in a timely manner
  • Highly punctual and reliable
  • Good communication skills


The Bass Mentor will liaise with the section leader and the Committee on matters related to the coaching and developments of the bass section and with the Leader on musical matters.


Please contact with a short CV and covering letter detailing your experience and suitability for the role.

The deadline for application is 7 October 2016.