Meet the Finalists – Shuang Wu

Sunday March 5 saw the annual auditions for the 2023 ERSO Soloist of the Year competition. We saw so many amazing and talented players and picking only 4 to go ahead to our orchestral Final was very tough!

We’re excited to introduce Shuang who impressed us with her performance of the Sibelius Violin Concerto.

What is your main occupation at the moment?

Currently I am under the tutelage of Lutsia Ibragimova on the violin. I am also a third year Politics, Philosophy and Law (LLB) student at King’s College London. 

What made you choose to play your instrument and how old were you when you started?

My parents love music and, growing up, there was always music playing in the house. It was at the age of three that my parents asked if I wanted to learn an instrument, and I pointed to the violin in an orchestral concert that was playing on the TV.  I have never looked back ever since. 

What made you choose the concerto that your will be playing?

The Sibelius Violin Concerto has always been one of my favourite violin concertos that I’ve never had the chance to pick up, so when, if not now. There is something so captivating about the paradox between the wintery coldness and warmth in the concerto, and I particularly love the hauntingly beautiful yet vulnerable opening of the piece. 

What do you feel you would gain from the experience of winning this competition and playing your concerto with ERSO and Chris Stark?

Every opportunity to work with an orchestra is truly valuable for all aspiring musicians. I would be so honoured to have the inspiring experience of creating music and exchanging musical ideas with the wonderful Chris Stark and the amazing musicians at ERSO. It will definitely be a huge step for my musical growth.

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