Introducing Penny

We caught up with young flautist Penny Cairney-Leeming who will be one of our finalists for our 2022 Soloist of the Year competition:

What is your main occupation at the moment?

I’m a first year student at Durham University studying English Literature. I also hold the Graham and Joanna Barker Music Scholarship which means I get a lot of great orchestral playing Durham University Orchestral Society.

What made you choose to play your instrument and how old were you when you started?

I used to go to children’s concerts with my family and immediately fell in love with the flute. I begged my mum for lessons and finally started when I was about six.

What made you choose the concerto that your will be playing?

The Ibert flute concerto is, to me, one of the most exciting concertos to perform. It allows for so much range of expression and is really exhilarating to play!

What do you feel you would gain from the experience of winning this competition and playing your concerto with ERSO and Chris Stark?

This would be such an incredible opportunity for me to develop my skills and confidence as a performer. The chance to work with such an amazing orchestra and conductor is definitely a rare one and I think it would be a fantastic musical experience.

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