ERSO’s first film

When the first lockdown hit we all missed playing together and we wanted to find a way to get ERSO players making music together again and so #ERSOOline was born.  We’re all slightly obsessed with the piece we picked – “D’un matin de printemps” by the female composer Lili Boulanger, who deserved to be far better known.

We were so proud when it made it into print in the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) magazine in an interview where conductor Christopher Stark and his brother David talked to Clare Stevens:
“Unable to rehearse in person during lockdown, members of the orchestra learned and recorded their individual parts in isolation for its first #ERSOOnline project, an introduction to D’un matin de printemps by Lili Boulanger. The structure of the piece is explained and some context provided by Stark, with musical illustrations by the players followed by a complete performance. The result is one of the best distanced performances I’ve seen.”

Check it out!

Lili Boulanger – D’un matin de printemps – An introduction by Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra – YouTube

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