What has ERSO been up to in lockdown?

At ERSO we really, really miss rehearsing and performing in front of our lovely audience of friends and family.  However, during the last few months we’ve been keeping busy and we’re almost ready to unveil our very first online musical project.

Our aim was to get ERSO players making music together again, albeit in a different way.  We’re all slightly obsessed with the piece we picked – “D’un matin de printemps” by the female composer Lili Boulanger, who deserved to be far better known.

erso online project comicA couple of lovely afternoons have been spent in virtual rehearsal, the players have all recorded their parts and many hours have been spent editing and now its almost time to share it with you all!

Meanwhile here’s a great recording of our chosen piece to whet your appetite!

Whilst we are waiting for Government guidance on when amateur orchestras will be allowed to start rehearsing again, we’re also making plans to ensure that we have protocols in place to allow this to happen safely once we are given the green light.

And finally, we’re enjoying staying in touch online with our players in our Online Quizes.  Turns out those violins are smart…

Hope to see you all soon, and meanwhile stay safe and well.

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