A soaring success despite the storm!

Despite the efforts of the storm to deter both players and audience, last night’s Brahms and Debussy concert really was a soaring success!

The day didn’t start so well – our soloist looked likely to be stranded in Birmingham.  And then our lovely bass trombone, Malcolm, was knocked over by the wind and wasn’t able to play.  We ended up fielding a stand-in player (huge thanks to David Barnard who is a Trustee for the Ernest Read Trust) wearing leader John’s spare shirt and playing what can only be described as a fairly rudimentary instrument sourced by Brass Leader Grady, who travelled across London for most of the afternoon and almost didn’t get back in time due to tube problems!

Come concert time and all of this was forgotten.  Soloist Chu Yu Yang gave a lyrical and immensley accomplished performance of the Lark Ascending – orchestra and audience alike were hugely impressed by his gorgeous tone.  Conductor Chris illuminated La Mer to our audience using some well chosen musical examples followed by the full work and the evening ended with a stirring performance of Brahms’ 1st Symphony.

A real case of all’s well that ends well!

joe and chris 1
Soloist Chu Yu Yang and conductor Chris Stark 
joe smiling at the end
Happy with a job extremely well done!
Trombones with the much appreciated stand-in David Barnard on bass trombone


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