Violinists – fancy your chances?

joe 5We’re so excited to work with hugely talented young music student Joe (Chu-Yu) Yang in our Brahms and Debussy concert in Feb 2020.   We met Joe in the 2019 ERSO Soloist of the Year competition and were hugely impressed by his performance as a Finalist.

If you are an ambitious soloist like Joe check out our ERSO Soloist of the Year 2020.   The winner will be our June soloist AND have a solo piece commissioned for them by the winner of our composers’ competition.   To be eligible you’ll need to take part in our Feb or March concerts – see dates:

As Joe’s story proves, the Finalists have a very good chance of being engaged as soloists in other concerts too.  And of the 8 Finalists from 2018 and 2019 HALF of the musicians were violinists!

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