Another famous face in ERSO’s history….

jack brymerLegendary clarinetist Jack Brymer inspired a generation to take up the instrument.  But he didn’t plan to be a professional musician and initially trained and worked as a PE teacher!

Brymer was ERSO’s principal clarinet in the late 1930’s and said that Ernest Read was “one of the most helpful friends I ever had, just as he had proved to be to hundreds of other young players to whom he gave, free of charge, the most valuable training.”

His life was transformed when a report of his playing in ERSO reached Sir Thomas Beecham via Dennis Brain, another ERSO player, as Beecham was looking to fill the principal clarinet role at the RPO.

Brymer thought it was a friend playing a trick when he got the call! Of course he got the job and started to make clarinet history.

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