Do YOU have an ERSO story?

At the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra we are so excited to be planning our big 90th Birthday season, including our fabulous Birthday Gala concert at the Duke’s Hall at the RAM in spring 2021 (date TBC as soon as possible!) and it has inspired us to look at some of our amazing history.

famous faces
Famous former ERSO members Dennis Brain, Jack Brymer, James Galway and Evelyn Rothwell

We would love to hear from people who have fond memories of ERSO as players or audience members.

It was wonderful to hear from Geoffrey Phillips the other day who sent us a picture of his mum Mollie playing the violin with ERSO back in 1938 and we would love to hear other stories of how being involved with ERSO has played a part in musical careers or starting off a lifetime love of music.  Please do get in touch on or on Facebook!


Also, if you are interested in being added to our mailing list so we can send you information about our concerts then let us know.

1938 mollie phillips
ERSO, including Mollie Phillips, back in 1938





4 thoughts on “Do YOU have an ERSO story?

  1. It was with the ERJunior orchestra that I made my debut at the Albert Hall. It was a concert with the Senior Orchestra and Kneller Hall trumpeters. I felt really proud that the first way I had entered the Albert Hall was through the “Artists’ Entrance”. The concert was recorded onto vinyl and I still have the record! It was on 18th May 1973. I also spent my 21st Birthday with ERMA at the Royal Festival Hall – after a 3 hr Education exam in the morning!


  2. I was in ERSO from 1981-84, playing trombone 1. I was at music college at this time and wanted to get as much experience as possible. After a successful audition at the RAM which Howard Williams took, I was awarded the place in the orchestra of first trombone. The recent post about the Nigel Kennedy concerto at Smith Square in 1984 brought back memories and prompted this message. The time in ERSO gave me invaluable experience and enabled me to play at the big concert halls in London before I started working professionally. The rep was adventurous, challenging and extremely useful to learn. I then went on to a successful playing career in the profession and now coach, teach, conduct, adjudicate and still play a little! Thank you ERSO!! Roger Willey


  3. This is so lovely to hear Roger as we know Ernest read would have been delighted that erso played a part in your successful musical career. We hope that you might join us at the big 90th birthday concert in spring 2021 (date tbc) as it’s going to be a big celebration for past and present erso members (and conductors!)


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