Take our personality test…..

Is this you?

  1. You would die without Mahler
  2. You love a fabulously played cello concerto
  3. You enjoy a sweet treat
  4. You like to contribute to worthy causes
  5. You live in or near London

Then ERSO  have the perfect evening for you in the final concert of our season, with Mahler’s epic 1st Symphony plus a stunning performance of the Schumann Cello Concerto by our 2019 ERSO Soloist of the Year, Henry Hargreaves. We will also be raffling over £400 of delicious premium chocolate made by ethical producer MIA (Made in Africa) who provide opportunities and benefits to the communities who grow the cocoa and make the chocolate.  The first prize is 60 bars of delicious goodness – and tickets are only £1!

All proceeds will go towards our charitable work with children and emerging professional musicians during our big 90th birthday season, together with the money we raise from the epic 100 mile cycle ride that will be undertaken by Team ERSO (conductor Chris Stark,  trumpeter Jonathan, oboist Dan and long-term supporter John).



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