Nearly ninety!

90thThe Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) was founded in 1931 by Ernest Read, the pioneer in the development of music education and youth orchestras during the first half of the 20th century.

On Read’s 85th birthday William Cole wrote in the Musical Times: “It is hard to over-estimate the influence of Ernest Read on musical education and on professional and amateur musicians”.  He was also described by Yehudi Menuhin as: “a prime example of what one inspired man can do with single hearted devotion decade after decade in awakening the passion for music in successive generations.”

Nearly 90 years on, the community of musicians who make up ERSO strives to continue Ernest Read’s legacy through our symphonic concerts, work with children and with emerging professional musicians.

Our 2020/21 season will mark the orchestra’s 90th birthday and we have big plans to celebrate the orchestra’s amazing history and Ernest Read’s contribution to music.  Watch this space to find out more…….

ernest read

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