Meet the Finalists – Hello to Henry!

henry hargreaves small squareToday we introduce the first of our “Fab Four” finalists in the ERSO Soloist of the Year competition – ERSO’s Principal Cellist Henry Hargreaves

Henry will be playing the Schumann Cello Concerto in the Final on 12th May and we caught up with him for a quick chat:

What is your main occupation at the moment?

I am a 4th year undergraduate at the Royal Academy of Music, tutor at Youth Music Centre and principal cello with the amazing Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra!

What made you choose to play your instrument and how old were you when you started?

I was 6 when I started learning. My mum signed me up for cello lessons at my primary school as there were not many people playing the cello in the school at the time. I’m really lucky she did it- I wouldn’t be where I am today if she hadn’t signed me up and if the opportunity to learn the cello hadn’t been available at my primary school.

What made you choose the concerto that your will be playing?

I chose the Schumann as it is the piece that really made me want to pursue cello playing. I love all the different emotions that the piece embraces, and the incredible journey it takes the listener on.

What do you feel you would gain from the experience of winning this competition and playing your concerto with ERSO and Chris Stark?

The opportunity to make great music with brilliant friends at the Ernest Read Orchestra- nothing can beat that!

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