Why does music matter so much to kids?

Its that time again – we’re gearing up for our annual Camden children’s concert in November. And we were thinking about why its such a key part of our year.

ERSO’s LONG history of children’s concerts

1962 erso pic
An Ernest Read Children’s Concert in the Festival Hall in 1962

ERSO was founded in 1931 by Ernest Read, who was passionate about spreading music as widely as possible,  and was famous for his Ernest Read Concerts for Children which began in 1945 at the Royal Festival Hall.

We are proud to continue Ernest Read’s legacy with our November and March children’s concerts in Camden.

The difference music makes to kids

brass boys
Young Camden Training Orchestra musician enjoying rehearsal with ERSO in 2017

Learning an instrument and being engaged with social music-making brings many well documented educational and social benefits to children, especially to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, including: improved academic progress; memory; social skills; motivation and discipline. This is really relevant in Camden where 36% of children live in poverty, rising to 42% in the poorest ward, St Pancras & Somers Town.

The Camden Music Service say that children dropping out of music-making is one of the biggest issues that they face.

ERSO and Camden

Our Camden concerts in November and March offer Camden children the opportunity to perform in concerts with ERSO,  helping to inspire and encourage them with music.  We work closely with the Camden Music Service and the Camden School for Girls.

whole orchestra 5
ERSO and the Camden Training Orchestra in rehearsal

In November we’ll be working with the children from the Camden Music Service’s Camden Training Orchestra.   ERSO will be playing some fantastic music and we’ll be playing three pieces with the children who will be sitting within the orchestra for the whole concert.  Each child will sit with an adult who will be able to help and advise them on the music so that they can relax and enjoy the rehearsal and concert.

We’ve had great feedback to say how inspiring the kids find sitting amongst the adult musicians as it lets them hear what their instruments could sound like with practice and experience what it would be like to play in a more advanced ensemble.

“I am writing to you today to let you know how exciting, beautiful and inspiring last night’s concert was. My daughter who plays the violin was so happy to be sitting with ERSO players. A wonderful and memorable experience for my daughter and myself!”


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