ERSO – almost 90 years of supporting emerging professional musicians

famous faces
Famous faces who gained experience at ERSO: Dennis Brain, Jack Brymer, Evelyn Rothwell and James Galway

When Ernest Read founded ERSO – initially known as the London Senior Orchestra – in 1931, it was because he recognised the need for an advanced orchestra that set out to give experience and training to budding professional musicians, “performing the great masterpieces with all the care and finish of a first-class professional orchestra.”

Natalie Caine, the pioneering female oboist , said: “At the colleges there were too many people and not enough orchestral places.  I don’t know what we would have done without Ernest’s orchestras.”

Jack Brymer, the legendary clarinettist who gained his early training at ERSO, said: “he was one of the most helpful friends I ever had, just as he proved to be to hundreds of other young players to whom he gave the most valuable training.”

Today ERSO’s members still include conservatoire students and professionals at the start of their careers as well as skilled and experienced amateur musicians.  And we still aim for the same performance standards too!

We are proud to continue his legacy through our ERSO Talent programme.

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