More on Minhyung….

At ERSO we’re really excited about working with the talented young conductors in our “Behind the Baton” concert.
We caught up with Minhyung Lee to find out a bit more….
Born in Korea, Minhyung launched his international career as a finalist in the 2013 Besançon International young conductor’s competition in France and the MDR Leipzig Conducting competition in Germany.  He is currently in his first year of a Master’s degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, supported by RCS Trust.
fantasia conductor
The conductor in Disney’s Fantasia

What inspired you to become a conductor? 

Watching the Disney movie “Fantasia” inspired me a lot.
What do you dream of conducting in the future?
Mahler Symphony No.6 is the first orchestral piece I ever heard in large a concert hall and I’m very eager to conduct it.
Minhyung’s “lucky” shirts
What is the funniest or strangest  thing that has happened to you when conducting?

I have some kind of jinx when I have a concert –  I must wear a specific black shirt (I have 10!) or I will do something weird at the curtain call. Last time I didn’t wear the shirt, I shook hands with the every string section leader except the Leader.


What are you most proud of in your conducting career?
I’m very proud when someone is inspired to play their instrument after seeing my conducting. For me, making those kind of musical connections with other musicians is much more important than winning a competition or receiving a good review.

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