Meet the ERSO Soloist of the Year Finalists – Jaga


Jaga – credit Joasis Photography

What is your main occupation at the moment?

I am a freelance violinist. I play concerts as a soloist, I have a violin clarinet and piano trio, I play in a quartet and I am a deputy leader at the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra.

What made you choose to play your instrument and how old were you when you started?

I went to an orchestra concert with my mother and I kept looking at the violinists. Apparently I kept saying that I want to play the violin after that. I was 7 when I went to a music school and I started playing.

What made you choose the concerto that your will be playing?

jaga audition cropped
Jaga at her audition

It was always my dream to play the Sibelius concerto with an orchestra.

What do you feel you would gain from the experience of winning this competition and playing your concerto with ERSO and Peter Stark?

Winning the competition would be a big step in my career and definitely a dream come true!

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