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Staying safe at ERSO

The easing of restrictions does not mean risk of Covid has disappeared, and so groups like ours still need measures in place to ensure they are providing a safe environment.   Having consulted with the players, the committee have agreed upon the following ways to make sure that we are keeping everyone safe.

  • We will adopt a distance of 1m between players, with one string player per stand.  This means everyone must continue to bring their own stand.
  • Players will need to check in on the register so that we can be sure who has been at each rehearsal.
  • Players should inform us if they test positive between rehearsals so we can inform people that were seated nearby.
  • Face coverings will be optional when playing.
  • We do ask that players wear face coverings when moving around from their seat (unless of course they are exempt).
  • Practice music will be provided via a link, but we will now revert to the normal practice of bringing copies of the music for all players to each rehearsal.
  • We will monitor ventilation to ensure it is adequate.
  • It is critical that players who have Covid-19 symptoms do not attend rehearsals and instead contact their fixer to let them know.
  • We ask that everyone should carry out a lateral flow test prior to coming to rehearsal if this is possible, as this will really help to avoid spreading infection.
  • Wind and brass should continue to bring a means of safely disposing of condensation or spit from the instrument (a sealable plastic bag or container with kitchen paper or similar).

The good news is that we will now dispense with the Covid-19 declaration form for each rehearsal and we will go back to offering refreshments at the interval in rehearsals.

If you have any concerns or questions at all please contact your fixer or Fiona on  It is hugely important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable and able to enjoy being at ERSO.

We’re excited to share next season’s plans: